Welcome to ROAR, where Relentless Originality, Altitude, and Reviving converge to redefine lifestyles through unrivaled innovation. Our brand isn't a mere label; it's a call to revive unyielding creativity and exploration.

ROAR signifies more than words; it's a creed propelling us towards limitless possibilities. Our acronym embodies relentless originality and the determination to achieve new altitudes.

From groundbreaking electric vehicles to cutting-edge fashion, ROAR harmonizes function and style. Our electric vehicles blend efficiency and exhilaration, reshaping transportation. Our fashion line is a canvas for individual expression, reflecting audacity.

Yet ROAR exceeds expectations. Our dedication to innovation curates distinct products that defy norms. We believe in pushing limits, inspiring a world without boundaries.

Guided by "Get to it," we fuse action and innovation. It's not just a phrase; it's a principle. Innovation flourishes through effort, dreams through perseverance. It's a call to embrace authenticity and leave an imprint.

ROAR thrives, soars, and charts new territories. Join us to redefine possibilities, fueled by Relentless Originality, Altitude, and Reviving. Welcome to ROAR, where innovation and authenticity reinvent the future. Get to it.



Sylvian Bryan, Founder


Dive into the world of ROAR TM, a brand brought to life by the visionary founder, Sylvian Bryan. The seeds of this journey were sown during his freelance design career, which began in 2012 and flourished into Bryan Dynamics, also known as B* DYNA. It was within this realm of Industrial Design Consultation that Sylvian Bryan's extraordinary talents bloomed, leading to a trail of Design Awards and Patents that spoke volumes about his commitment to excellence.

Amidst the hustle, Sylvian Bryan's creative spirit couldn't be contained. His downtime birthed a series of innovative products, each going beyond the realm of fashion. These creations carved a new landscape for products, infusing user experiences with the magic of clever design solutions.

And then, out of this rich tapestry of experiences and innovation, ROAR emerged. It wasn't just a brand; it was Sylvian Bryan's canvas for self-expression, deeply attuned to the pulse of society. ROAR became the embodiment of his journey – from a freelance designer to an award-winning visionary. It encapsulated his belief that true design should resonate with the zeitgeist, speaking the language of the times.

ROAR echoes the story of Sylvian Bryan, where creativity, emotion, and innovation converge. It's an invitation to step into a world where designs are infused with soul and authenticity. Join us in celebrating the spirit of Sylvian Bryan's journey as it intertwines with ROAR, redefining the landscape of self-expression and design. Welcome to a world where the heart and mind of a visionary designer roar to life.