CREMO Men's Spray Cologne Bourbon Vanilla 3.4oz


An explosion of vibrant spices contrasts with dark woods and tobacco to express a sense of adventure. Cremo's spray colognes offer luxurious scents that match those found in high-end boutiques. The Cremo scent experience aims to elevate the modern man, and that's why we exclusively collaborate with top fragrance experts to refine our scents beyond the standard. Common scents are not our style – we've been there, and no, thank you.

Key Points:

  • Cremo's spray colognes feature luxurious scents akin to those found in high-end boutiques.
  • Our collaboration with top fragrance experts ensures scents that go beyond the standard.
  • A distinctive blend of distillers' spices, aged oak, and vanilla bourbon characterizes this scent.
  • Part of Cremo's Good Uncommon Scents.